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Yoga Instruction

It's not uncommon for us to give up and ignore the signs. Signs that we are not experiencing balance between mind, body and spirit. Yoga encompasses movement for the body, connectivity for the mind and a feeling for the spirit. My passion is bringing Yoga to people who wish to find this deeper connection the self. I help my clients, who include children, adults, family or groups to find healthier perceptions of themselves and strengthen their self awareness so they can know themselves as complete and whole. My wish is that each student finds through breath, a way to connect to their inner sources and leas the session/class feeling recharged. 

Yoga Instruction

Online Classes

Online Classes

Online Classes


Online Yoga classes taught daily. Please follow concentrated__awesome on Instagram for Live IGTV classes and Zoom Live/Recorded classes weekly. My classes exhibit a continuum of movement and expression, providing tools for a boundless sense of ease, strength and connectivity. My teaching approach encourages students to feel good in their bodies, whatever that means for them on any given day. 

Online Classes

Online Classes


I understand there is no single approach is the right one for every individual so I have been trained in a range of Yoga class styles including; Vinyasa, Power, Hot, Beginner, Kids, Chair, Yin, Elderly, one-on-one and Deep Stretch. I'm also a master Reiki level practitioner and an Essential oil educator/distributor; both practices are often infused in my practice and style of teaching. 

Weekly Schedule


Yoga Six, Upper Arlington

  • Monday's 4:30pm & 5:45pm- Slow Flow & Sculpt
  • Tuesday's 5:30pm Hot-60
  • Wednesday's 9:15am Power

Modo Yoga Columbus

  • Tuesday's 9:30 am Hot Flow 
  • Thursday's 9am Sculpt Yoga, non-heated

Studio 543

  • Wensday's 6:30pm Hot Vinyasa

Online Class Schedule (3/29-3/27/20)

  • Monday | 12pm IGLive Hot Classic Flow
  • Tuesday | 9:30am Yin 45min. Zoom: CLICK BELOW to join
  • Wednesday  | 6pm Vinyasa IGLive TV
  • Thursday | 9:30am Yoga Sculpt IGLive TV
  • Friday | 12pm Classic Hot Flow 75min Zoom-DM for link!

Yoga Private Sessions & Corporate Pricing

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