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Essential Oils

Essential Oils


I am an independent consultant for Young Living  & doTERRA because of the multidimensional impact of their oils, understanding this is only possible from 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Yoga + Essential Oils


 Experience the benefits of combining aromatherapy with your yoga practice. One of my passions is to teach yoga students how to incorporate specific oils throughout class that amplify our intentions.



With Concentrated Awesum Essential Oil Rollers & Sprays, enjoy customized oil blends to help you enhance your home, wellness, beauty & balance. My blends include only the highest-quality, 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential oils so they can be used for topical and internal use if desired. Additionally, I will work with you if you're interested in creating your own blend for rollers & sprays! To find out more about my essential oil rollers and sprays, visit my Etsy shop at: