Online Yoga

With the arrival of COVID-19, we need yoga now more than ever. But what the world needs more importantly is to stay home.  As much as possible. 

Gatherings of practitioners in public yoga classes have come to a complete halt but our yoga practice can continue to grow even without the psychical presence of a teacher or students or in a class or not, your practice is with you and for you.  Yoga was never meant to be a place to escape the world.  It is a sanctuary in which to cultivate the tools and resources to be in a graceful relationship with anything that arises. I know I had the privilege to choose this life of teaching yoga so that ultimately I can serve, help and teach.    

Combat social distancing with me by subscribing to my Patreon membership, which offers several styles and lengths of yoga videos and  practical techniques for well being. Prop up your screen anytime, anyplace and enjoy yoga wherever you are! Click here to view. 

Additionally, the following is a schedule of my live classes that you can attend on Zoom or IGLive. Classes updated weekly. 

WEEK OF May 11th-May 15th

Tuesdays - @12pm EST 60 min Flow-Modo Yoga

Register in advance for this meeting (at least 30 min. before):

Wednesdays - @6pm EST 45 min Deep Stretch Yoga

Join meeting by clicking HERE.  

OR Log into your Zoom account: Meeting ID: 391 974 5770 Password: 435172

Thursdays - @ 10am EST 60 min Sculpt Yoga

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Fridays - @12pm EST 60 min Vinyasa Yoga 

Follow concentrated __awesome on Instagram and watch LIVE  *Video available 24hrs

**If you're looking for something specific or different than what's listed above, please message me directly, I am happy to take requests. My belief is that this universal pandemic  provides opportunity, painful-yes, but it has taught us all to slow down and look at what we DO have, not just what's missing. To understand what self-care we need and to connect and hold space for each other. I miss you all & until we see each other again, Namaste. 

Donations Appreciated

All my live (Zoom + IGTV) classes are donation based. If you feel inclined to donate, my Venmo is @Sarah-Solarik

Free Yoga Videos

Hatha Yoga Flow. Great for beginners. Align your body, mind and spirit. 

Watch Sarah Solarik Yoga on YouTube